Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Moovl product Review

Moovl is a unique online tool that creatively embeds ICT across the curriculum. Both teachers and learners can use it to draw, animate and apply physical properties to objects, bringing pictures and words to life.

Delivered online and accompanied by lesson plans and pre-drawn screens, Moovl can be used flexibly across the curriculum.

Use Moovl to investigate concepts in science; children can explore gravity by creating a simulation of a man walking on the moon. Moovl also supports visual literacy; children can create their own animated storyboards and make words come to life.

Moovl supports the capabilities of A Curriculum for Excellence by:

  • engaging and motivating all learners
  • supporting the development of problem-solving and thinking skills in an open-ended environment
  • helping learners to make meaningful links between subjects and enabling teachers to use ICT across the curriculum
  • encouraging children to hypothesise and discuss what might happen, aiding the development of talking and listening skills and a collaborative approach to learning
    suiting a range of learning styles: thereby supporting personalised learning
    giving children a unique means of communicating and developing their ideas.

Moovl was developed through a partnership between Rigby and Soda, with support from Futurelab, who carried out research into the use of Moovl in the classroom.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial at Moovl now.


sosheen said...

Thanks for the post about Moovl. You may also like to know that there's now a Moovl blog (, which includes up-to-date news, reviews and how-tos.

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