Thursday, 18 January 2007

Hello World!

Hi everyone!

I have been meaning to put this blog together for sometime and all my colleagues have been saying I need to let everyone know about the cool stuff I do with ICT in the classroom! Now those were their words not mine!

Anyway over the course of my posts I will attempt to inspire and challenge the way you think about ICT in the classroom but mainly I hope to give you loads of ideas on how you can use ICT to make your lessons a little more fun, enjoyable and 21st century!

Now some of my ideas and suggestions may have some of you thinking "This guy is not in the real world, I can't do that!"

Others may think "Deeerrrr we've been doing that for ages.....that is so last year!"

But hopefully all of you at some point will think "Gosh that's a great idea, I think I may give that a go!"

As long as this blog lasts please leave comments letting me know if you have tried stuff and whether or not you are finding the posts interesting....this will hopefully let me know whether my time is being used efficiently or not and whether I should better spend my time putting more data into eportal for the SMT to peruse!


1 comment:

Bill O'Grady said...

Sounds great....I look forward to looking in every week to get some ideas.