Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Video Conferencing Part 2

As promised following up my previous post on video conferencing, in this post is links that may get your ideas buzzing on how you can use it but also to give you an Overview of the different things that are possible and where to find out other information.

As ever BECTA has a great resource giving you a full heads up about Video conferencing how to use it; when to use it; how to develop links with organisations and it even supplies you with a list of which organisations and businesses offers video conferencing and activities (this includes NASA, Science Museum in London, the National Coal Mine Museum and many more). There are also more case studies than you can shake a stick at which may give you a further insight!

Global Leap are set up to promote the use of Video conferencing in the classroom and are a not for profit organisation. They arrange many events that you can participate in which can take some of the headache out of using this technology with a regular newsletter that details upcoming events. Although there is a £250 a year subscription this is well worth it as it also gives you a point of contact and advice....also if you are not very technical they will talk to the IT technicians to make sure all is well from the computer point of view. Further Information about Global Leap

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