Thursday, 18 January 2007

So what is ICT then?!?!?!?

Apologies to anyone that this seems to be teaching to suck eggs but I thought I would start with the basics!

This is because when talking to the bulk of the teacher community most have quite a narrow definition of what ICT is. There is a common misconception that ICT is simply the computers that are in the computer rooms or if your posh the IT Suites. However, if we allow ourselves to keep this narrow definition we are restricting a whole load of possibilities that involves more than just powerpoint presentations or booking the computer rooms for coursework!

ICT in fact stands for Information and Communication Technology and while yes it does include the rather static computers ICT includes digital cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, video/dvd players, web cams, personal organisers, radio and even things like playstation portables or Ipods.

Click the film below to see a short video I put together that may give you a further insight and even some ideas! Enjoy....

If you just see a white box above please click on the link below to see the video:


John B St Mary's Lancs. said...

Thanks interactiveteach I have been trying to get my staff to understand the different ways they can use ICT...I plan to show this them on Monday I think that it will open thier minds!

I have registered to get any updates I look forward to them over the coming weeks!

Linda said...

Great video and excellent soundtrack. I found your blog having done a search for something inspirational from Youtube!