Friday, 26 January 2007

Teachers Pet Tool for Teachers

I only came across this a few weeks ago but it is a great simple tool and free!!

You can do all sorts of stuff all through a macro's in Word......simple but most things in life! Don't know what a macro is.....don't worry just enjoy!

Here's the list of Teacher's Pet macros: Click on a link to find out more...
Bingo Card Maker
Verb Form Test Maker
Simple Crossword Maker
Single-sided Flashcard Maker
Double-sided Flashcard Maker
Sentence Breaker
Paragraph Breaker
Jumble a Word
Jumble a Sentence
Jumble a List
Multi Word Maker
Multi Gap Maker
Multi Choice Question Maker
Online Dictionary
Online Thesaurus
Online Multi-Word
Antonym Question Maker
Word Mover
Word Remover
Punctuation Remover
Space Remover
Vowel Remover

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